How Reliable Is An Alibaba Gold Supplier?

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An Alibaba Gold Supplier is a paid member on the biggest online marketplace in the world, Does this mean that it's safe to assume that all Alibaba Gold suppliers are reliable?

An Alibaba Gold Supplier is a paid member of, the biggest manufacturer, and buying and selling directory in the world. While there are paid features, it is still feasible to sign up as a free member on

Alibaba Gold Supplier is a vendor affiliation program on meant for advertising. While it's not compulsory, an Alibaba Gold supplier receives twenty times more exposure than a Free Member. It's also a significant income source. verifies that, unlike Free Members who are not examined, each Gold Supplier is a legally licensed corporation. As such, offers comprehensive Gold Suppliers information that can be used during the screening phase of consumers or buyers. Free Members can not supply such data.

However, it should be understood that the Alibaba Gold Supplier Badge does not in any manner, ensure the manufacturing capabilities, quality of products, or compliance of the suppliers.

Are All Gold Suppliers Reliable?




Members must pass authentication by a third-party agency to become a Gold Supplier. The verification method allows to verify the legitimate registration of the company in its region.

This verification, however, can not ensure the company's integrity or the quality of the products that are being sold by the supplier.

Alibaba therefore highly advises that orders be placed online using Trade Assurance or Secure Payment.

The Trade Assurance program provides a structured operation when purchasing ODM, OEM, and wholesale products from Chinese sellers.

The concept is to get your deposit back from the vendor in case things go south. While in fact this can be quite complex, it should be viewed as an early phase growth, which will be enhanced.

Although Gold Suppliers only have access to the Trade Assurance program, it is risk mitigation and payment method rather than a subscription.

Alibaba's Gold Supplier is a major source of revenue for the e-commerce platform. Suppliers who wish to receive the Gold logo on their profiles must pay Alibaba a relatively hefty annual fee.

The Gold Supplier badge basically pertains to the vendor paying Alibaba cash to have a logo on their profile. Alibaba Gold Supplier may be more concerned with earning cash than protecting buyers' interests.

That said, this scheme at least eliminates many, if not all, fraudsters and scam artists with the smallest effort. Because of Alibaba Gold Supplier, suppliers are under an intrinsic selection pressure to invest some funds to appear legit and credible.

Onsite Check and Verification

Alibaba Gold Supplier includes an on-site check service that involves their personnel going to the manufacturing place of the supplier and checking that it truly exists. That's the entirety of Alibaba's Onsite Check.

Alibaba also oversees validation of company registration data for each Alibaba Gold Supplier, together with ensuring that the place of the supplier exists, and this data is presented on their profile.

Little or no evidence at all about who conducted the authentication, using what methodology and when, however, is disclosed

Onsite Check simply indicates that the manufacturing site the provider claims to exist is there. It doesn't say anything about how that supplier operates it, what it looks like or how it deals with shoppers.

Other Methods of Verifications

You can also see the following verification facilities on Alibaba's platform in relation to Onsite Check to guarantee the reliability of an Alibaba Gold Supplier:

Supplier Assessment

This optional service is accessible to Alibaba Gold Supplier customers based in China and involves a check by a well-known third-party business. Alibaba Gold Suppliers who have decided to pay for this solution will have accessible and downloadable evaluation reports on their Alibaba page.

A&V Check

A&V Check is a verification test on Alibaba Gold Suppliers outside Mainland China, Hong Kong or Taiwan. Alibaba makes the case that this is performed by a third party business, but then again there is no proof on who the third party is.

Choosing The Best Alibaba Gold Supplier




After selecting the best Alibaba Gold Supplier of your choice, perform extra measures to see relevant information about the supplier and verify their credibility.

You may check out the right side of their Alibaba profile page to see more information on the supplier. You will view the following information:

  • The location of the supplier or where they are based. It is always ideal to find someone that's located in mainland China as the prices in these areas are more affordable.
  • The YRS icon on the page will inform you on how many years a supplier has been in the business. It is always best to go for those who've been there longer.
  • The Supplier Assessments will provide you with more information on how their evaluations were conducted. If you are keen to know, you can look further into this yourself, although this isn't a necessity.
  • Response Time informs you the average pace with which the supplier will respond to you.
  • Transaction Level will inform you how often transactions were made on Alibaba by this supplier. In general, having more transactions implies that they are more reliable to work with.
  • Response Rate indicates the rate of whether a seller responsible back to every inquiry.

There are still some unpleasant Alibaba gold suppliers who can screw you up or give you a difficult time, but a Gold supplier is an exclusive membership for a few Alibaba suppliers. They get more visibility from Alibaba and other benefits.

To become a Gold Supplier, you have to spare a good amount of money so it should give a basis of fraudsters protection. They've paid cash to get there after all. A better way to use the Gold Supplier rating is to use the amount of years for which they were a Gold Supplier as a reference. The longer years they've been a Gold member, the higher the probability of them being a reliable supplier.

A few say the on-site check is enough, but if you'd like that extra layer of assurance, preferring only suppliers which have had a Supplier Assessment is an ideal strategy.

A Supplier Assessment implies the supplier and its production facility has been inspected by a third party. It is hard to get this evaluation, but you can sleep like a baby knowing that you are interacting with a supplier that is recognized for its export expertise.

Verify an Alibaba Gold Supplier with Lazpanda

If you can personally visit China to personally meet and do business with suppliers then that would be perfect.

Most foreign importers, however, will discover that going to China would completely defeat their efficiencies and productivity gains. Good thing, better ways to validate a business without leaving your couch are now available!

Regardless whether your supplier has an Alibaba Gold badge or not, Lazpanda's verification service can help you quickly and easily verify your supplier of choice.

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