Amazon Freight Forwarder In China

Lazpanda has been a professional amazon freight forwarder company for over 8 years. Our services include door-to-door shipping, air shipping, cargo handling, consolidation, free warehousing, quality control, and customs clearance.

Each service ensures secure delivery and hassle-free shipping from China to the Amazon warehouse at affordable prices.

Our experienced team of logistics professionals will help you with your China to Amazon warehouse needs so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Affordable shipping cost

Transparent freight charges

Save your shipping time

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    More Services when shipping from China to USA Amazon Warehouse

    Pickup & Delivery

    With Lazpanda you can purchase goods directly from China and we can free pick up your goods from Shenzhen and Dongguan, In other places you can ask manufacturers to send them to our warehouse.


    As part of our free warehousing service, we provide 14days free warehousing, you won't need to worry about consolidation, packaging, and loading all on the same day since we'll do all this.

    Cargo Insurance

    We will get you cargo insurance to protect against shipping risks. It’s safe and secure when we take care of the fulfillment and delivery process.

    Custom Clearance

    Our customs specialists have many years of experience in shipping clearance. They can take care of all kinds of documentation work and they have built powerful relationships with customs, which allows us to deliver international clearance services that are both quick as well as worry-free. Choose Lazpanda when you need your shipments to enter a country or more quickly!

    Why Lazpanda will be your best reliable Amazon freight forwarder in China?

    Affordable shipping cost

    Free Pickup in Shenzhen and Dongguan

    Familiar with Amazon FBA processes

    More additional FBA services like shipping label


    Meet Your Logistics Master: Victor Tang

    Hi, I'm Victor Tang.

    I came to Shenzhen 15 years ago, I love this city because it’s young and full of charm, and have been working in the freight forwarder business.

    I love this job, because of this job I have contacted a lot of friends, not only to build a deep friendship but also to help them expand their business.


    This is our warehouse in Shenzhen. We help users to take goods from manufacturers and combine them for delivery, so that we can help users to solve the problem that multiple suppliers cannot deliver at the same time.

    Repackaging as Amazon requirement


    This is our packing service, the customer's products are small items, the goods taken from the manufacturers are stacked together, we repacked according to Amazon's packaging requirements, labeled, and then boxed, so that the goods are fully compliant with Amazon's standards, and can go directly to sales, the customer does not have to worry about how to pack again.

    Transport to Airport


    When the goods are finished, our staff will help load them onto the trucks for transport to the port or airport. For each piece of goods we are careful to carry, special goods we will add the extra cushioning device, try to reduce the loss of products for customers.

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