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What can lazpanda help you


Our Sourcing team will help you find the best manufactories for the type of product that they have. Provide price comparisons between multiple suppliers and then get the best prices.


We inspect every manufactory we need sourcing, to make sure the certain amount and time they cost, then to determine whether or not the manufactory can handle the load.


We can manage multiple products together, keep them in our warehouse for less than 30 days, then manage shipment together to save money


We can manage customs, logistics and international shipping procedures. Include DHL, FedEx, UPS, or other shipping methods.

What our clients say

Working with Lazpanda was like scrolling website page. Even though my products were not easy to sourcing, but so fast getting perfect results and manufactories.




I had imported from China many years, Lazpanda helps me a lot. The goods are works well and packaging well they shipped to me.Thank you. and recommend Lazpanda to yours as a partner.


Tiran Smith

USA Ebay Seller

4 Reasons Why you need a China sourcing agent

Communication Efficiently

When sorts of products you have potential, endless email send to various suppliers to know details, too much time to waste. With sourcing agent’s help, the only thing you need to do is checking the group, you can do other main jobs.

Better price & fewer MOQ

Small business owner starts their career always need a MVP(Minimum Viable Product) test, but China factory doesn’t want to supply less quantity. Also with sourcing agent’s help, not only get the less quantity but also the best price, what’s more, we can help you pay the samples with RMB because some factories refuse to accept dollars.

Competitive advantage

With more sellers run their Amazon private label business, if you are using the same sourcing sites with other sellers, you cannot take any advantages.
Maybe you have visited some suppliers called “best Amazon supplier”, we don’t know whether they sell on Amazon themselves too. When you have some local agents help you such as in Shenzhen who can speak English fluently, this will gives you an advantage because other sellers even know nothing about Chinese.

Long Business Relationship

If you need kinds of samples, you’ll know how expensive when shipping separated. When you have a sourcing agent like Lazpanda, you can send all samples to us, we will ship them together. Before shipping, the quality check is another important thing we can do for you! Amazon sellers business is based on buyer’s reviews, keep the quality and keep the business good. Finally, you will get a reliable business partner.