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Lazpanda has over 5 years in helping small business sourcing products from China to the whole world.

With experience and customer accumulate, Lazpanda had been verified as the best sourcing agent in China.

We offer sourcing, supplier verification, products inspection, and shipping arrangement services, also offer business travel guide and other China business tutorials.

If you are looking for agent help you sourcing products from China, Lazpanda will be your best option, feel free to contact us.

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From sourcing specialists to logistics experts, we bring the best of both worlds to grow your profitability.

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We provide Amazon private label services, include sourcing, labeling, shipping to FBA.

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Help Small business sourcing products, negotiation with suppliers, consolidation samples.

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If you need others services not included, you can contact us for more discussion.

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Working with Lazpanda was like scrolling website page. Even though my products were not easy to sourcing, but so fast getting perfect results and manufactories.


eBay Seller
I had imported from China many years, Lazpanda helps me a lot. The goods are works well and packaging well they shipped to me.Thank you. and recommend Lazpanda to yours as a partner.


Amazon Seller
The decision to work with Lazpanda has been a brilliant move. With Lazpanda help, now we have more times to grow our business.

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