Have you got scam during import from China? Lots of people proved that import from China by yourself is a risk, even Alibaba is not 100% safe. Everyone wants the best sourcing trips, we don't want any scam. But what should we do?

It's time to hire a trusted sourcing agent in China.

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Sourcing From

Before VS After with our help

  • Search suppliers
  • Compare price
  • Negotiate with supplier
  • Sample inspection by yourself
  • No order consolidation
  • Unable to monitor the production
  • Cannot avoid scam
  • No after service
  • Get products from Best (Guanxi关系) Suppliers
  • Help you to Negotiate with suppliers
  • Help you to inspect Samples saving delivery time
  • Instant order process report
  • Order/sample consolidation saving cost
  • Arrange payment to suppliers
  • Free 30 days warehousing
  • Only commission no other extra fee

Sourcing Steps

Quote to us

Send us what you need, we make a deep discuss, make clear the products specifications.


Sourcing Products

We’ll find the supplier match your specifications, get samples for simple inspection.


Inspect Products

Once production is finished, all merchandises will send to our warehouse, we'll take random inspections, make sure you get no-problem goods.


Arrange Shipment

After inspection, we arrange shipping from China to your destination, even your door.


Any Sourcing Request?