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We’re a Shenzhen sourcing agent with a strong understanding of China wholesale markets.
We help small business, Amazon seller, drop shipper sourcing products and other business services in China.
Our team have a lot of experience in providing sourcing solutions and work with hundreds of China manufacturers.
susan sourcing specialist

Susan Peng

Account Manager

Susan started her own trade business since 2008, her major product is tv box.

Also, some clients asked her to buy more products from other suppliers, she did all well.

Vicky Liu

Supply Chain Manager

Vicky is procurement specialist based in China since last 10 years and she is managing Supply Chain of different products. She is good at negotiating with China supplier.

She is a Dynamic team leader with excellent analytical skills & convincing competency.

vicky sourcing specialist

Keen Cheng

Founder / CEO

Keen is always passionate. He challenged Marathon in 3 months and cycled to Tibet in 22 days.

Absolutely, he is passionate about the sourcing business.

And if you want to know more about Chinese traditional history, talk to him.


Kenny Chen

Senior Account Manager

Kenny understands what it takes to deliver value: best customer service, an engaged team who is committed to producing high-quality work, and a sincere interest in clients’ success in the marketplace.

David Chueng

Founder / CEOFactory Assistant / After Service

David used to work in factory more than 3 years, he is familiar with factory’s everything, documents, production process, etc.

Also, he is a good badminton player, and he is the strongest guy in our team.

Don’t try to drink white spirits with him, big stomach.


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