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Maybe you…

– have no clue what kind of product to sell or how to find them
– need help growing your small biz or online amazon store
– how to find a trustable sourcing agent in located country

No matter where you are in our online sourcing journey you want your products to have a stable supplier.

Sourcing and importing from China is quite easy nowadays, even though more than thousand suppliers on Alibaba, but from small business is still hard to find right way importing from China, such as MOQ limited, quality control, warehouse etc.

Lazpanda is founded by me – Keen , want to build a platform to help small business owners and amazon sellers sourcing products from China, we can offer sourcing service, private label, product inspecting, manage shipment, quality control.

Founder Story

Well, in 2013, I was working as an international trader in Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen has a biggest electronic markets of the world – Huaqiangbei, thousands of business owners import products here everyday. Everyday, I went to Huaqiangbei electronic markets, searched products each corner, I know this block as my house. If you want to know more about Huaqiangbei electronic markets, this article may help.

In 2015, I had started Online Marketing projects, till now, help more then 50 business companies building their own websites, including trading company, logistics company and also Chinese factories. These factories are able to produce quality products, but they cannot search by foreign imports, even though they pay the Alibaba. The more factories I met , the reality I found, Chinese factories are not good at online marketing. So I want to build a platform between small business and Chinese factories, with my experience both in electronic and negotiating factories.

Over last year, I helped more then 50 business companies designed websites

But we know, teamwork can make things easy and efficient, so I have collaborated with Duke International, Duke’s founder Kenny is very sophisticated with international trade process, he proved Duke a successful trade company only 13 months. We combine our strengths to make a professional service platform.

Kenny arise a trading group to celebrate Christmas 2016

Now we have two offices, one in Seg Plaza, Huaqiangbei, for sourcing, the other in Longhua Dist, for warehousing and official business.

About me

Hi, this is Keen Cheng, fun of English and marathon. When I was a freshman in college, oral english is very hard for me, talked with foreign speakers is impossible in Chinese rural yard. Fortunately, I had joined our English Association, with their kindly help, after 2 years , became a morning reading leader, who’s duty is correcting pronunciation, and this experience shows me, sharing is the best way to learn.

After graduated, I fell in love with running, after 3 months, finished a full marathon. During marathon running, lots of people encouraged me to finished the line, that make me confident for facing any difficulties. Confident and healthy are both important for your left.

Travel is also my favorite way to relax, I want to do efficient job and save time for searching the big world.

So, I believe Lazpanda can be a successful projects, let’s do together!

Life is short, we need speed more time to searching the world

LAZPANDA WILL BE YOUR strongest business parter.