How To Find Jewellery Box Manufacturers In China

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Jewellery boxes can sell as much as three times the amount it costs to build them, making it one of the most likely profitable business ventures that you can enter. Learn how you can import them from China through this article.

Do you know what separates the work of one jewelry maker from the work of another and draws attention? A beautiful jewelry box!

No matter how beautiful your jewellery is, a well-designed display is more likely to be noticed by prospective customers. Shoppers respond better to a product presentation that is appealing and attractive.

Therefore, Jewelry boxes can sell as much as three times the amount it costs to build them, making it one of the most likely profitable business ventures that you can enter.

This is the sort of business that will enable you to be very adventurous in terms of design and materials for the development process. Simply put, It allows you to think outside the (Jewellery) box!

Try utilizing materials which would not typically be used to make this product, such as repurposed items, glass, ceramic or metal. You can sell the jewellery boxes by participating in craft markets as a seller, offer them to wholesalers, or list them on several online marketplaces. You'll never run out of selling opportunities.

If you own a jewellery business yourself, you should consider importing jewellery packaging from China. Properly packaging your jewellery products can have a significant impact on your revenues. Investment in higher-quality gift packaging that offers an extra touch of class is worth giving to your product collection.

If you're on a budget, you will be tempted to cut costs on components like the packaging. This is not advisable. When your packaging is as desirable as your jewellery, consumers are often more wowed and compelled to recall you.

Most jewellery is purchased as a gift, so your consumers will probably appreciate a gift box or pouch.

Select The Right Jewellery Box To Import


Considering the box's texture is important. Warm wood, exquisite velvet, and stylish faux leather boxes look stunning and may increase your product's perceived value.

You should also invest in some classy sheets of silver sheets and ribbon. Keep in mind to get acid-free tissue to prevent the jewellery from tarnishing.

Elegant jewellery container can be fairly cheap. Consider the overall effect of presenting and selling your goods to just placing the jewellery into a paper bag!

What To Consider When Searching For Jewellery Box Manufacturer In China

You're likely trying to set up your brand without spending a fortune. You should, therefore, choose a Chinese manufacturer or supplier based on how much you want to spend on boxes and the types and sizes you are looking for.

Also, you should take into account how many boxes you want to buy at once or the minimum order quantity. Finally, choose the quality of the boxes thoughtfully, what's inside them, and what your consumers would want from them.

A quick online search on Alibaba alone will generate lots of hits for wholesale jewellery boxes. A lookup into each will show that most companies are selling uniform jewelry boxes in large quantities.

If you buy more items at once, the more funds you save. Not many Chinese jewellery box manufacturers allow orders of less than a hundred. Many of these suppliers will also offer to print on the boxes a customized logo or design for you.

There will generally be a one-time fixed-up charge and a per-box print fee. Some offer a premium for design services, or you can send your own design for printing.

The downside, however, is if you work with one company for a set-up fee and later on try to switch to another company, the new company will most likely charge you with a new set-up fee and you'll need to pay for a new design if you've designed something with the former supplier.

So, make sure sure you're satisfied with the layout and ask for a sample to make sure you're happy with the design and the imprint. Furthermore, even though the size of the jewellery box is standardized, they are not all the same in terms of what is within.

External color may also differ from plain to bright, to embossed, ivory color, and more. And, lastly, a specially built box design that is beyond the standard will cost you extra. Before ordering, you should ask for a sample of the box.

Other options are available as well. You could order a sample box type and then upload your design to a matching cheap printer, and order signposts, business cards, and round stickers.

You can also order pretty paper bags and ribbons somewhere. Put a sticker on each box and add acid-paper tissue paper inside the box with a sticker on it and another sticker outside the bag and voila! You got yourself a fantastic jewellery container.

Buyers want a sophisticated shopping experience. They appreciate sellers who care about the products long after the jewellery product leaves the shop.

So, before anything else, ask yourself the following: What do your consumers want? What image would you like to present? How much are you willing to spend?

How To Get Started In Importing Jewellery Boxes From China


If you're just starting your jewellery box business, you might need just a few stocks of boxes. It's best to buy on Alibaba, Aliexpress or other big online marketplaces from online sellers/wholesalers/retailers.

Suppliers can also help you to print on the box your brand name/logo for a cheap price. The Chinese jewellery box manufacturer will then order MOQ for mass production.

For example, once your business grows bigger and clients are requesting for a thousand boxes and more, then you may start finding a professional jewellery manufacturer in China. This will help you find manufacturers offering better price costs and support tailored to your needs.

The top brand jewellery packaging in the world are usually manufactured in China. Since the supply chain is perfect, not to mention the cheap labor cost and raw materials, excellent production equipment, skilled workers, logistics trade, China is the best place to import this product.


If you have any jewellery packaging or gift packaging questions, we’ll be glad to help you connect with a reliable packaging partner in China.

Our expert sourcing agents in Lazpanda can help you find manufacturers in China that specialize in superior-quality jewellery boxes customized as per your specific requirements and creative ideas, from materials, colors, shapes to logo designs.

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