How to import wide leg pants from China

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Do you want to sell wide leg pants for your clothing business? Here are all the things that you need to know if you plan to source them from China.

If you're operating a retail clothing shop or plans to start your own clothing line, one problem you'd have to contend with is the wholesale supply of clothing products be it ready-made or raw garments.

Importing affordable clothing from China is a great way to fix this issue. Well, this article is going to teach you all you need to understand so you can make it happen.

China has the biggest market share in the textile and apparel industry in the world. Billions of clothing products from China are exporting to Asia, America, Europe, Africa, and Australia every year.

Even some of the well-known brands of clothing in the world outsource their designs to Chinese manufacturers.

This is because Chineses' wages and Chinese labor are inexpensive. China's raw materials are easily accessible and cheap as well. Moreover, the Chinese export legislation is not as strict as most countries.

As a result, Chinese clothing is usually lower, not by quality but by price.

The Chinese apparel market is indeed one that you shouldn’t miss if you want to start importing wide leg pants for your clothing business. Good thing, you’ll be able to find many wholesale suppliers or manufacturers of this sort of clothing in China.

This article will discuss how you can find them and how you can begin to import wide leg pants for your company.

Finding Qualified Wide Leg Pants Suppliers from China

You'll find a variety of clothing products at insanely low rates, including wide-leg pants, in Chinese markets. You can purchase any budget range of clothing here.

The best part? Finding a clothing manufacturer or supplier in China is no problem as there are so many of them.

Chinese clothing quality varies from original designer clothing, fake designer clothing, to unique but non branded clothing.

A nice place to find wholesale suppliers is on You'd discover a lot of wholesalers there, but you have to be careful and carry out comprehensive research and inquiry before you commit to a supplier because there are lots of scammers or fake companies.

You should also make sure you use's customer security characteristics to protect yourself against fraudsters and sketchy suppliers. You can also search for a supplier using online directories such as the white pages.

Or, you can just go to China on your own or even use a sourcing agent to locate credible suppliers for you.

The reality is that when you first search for a supplier, going online may not be enough. Nothing can be compared to meeting various suppliers in person, sampling their product quality and physical negotiation. This would save you a great deal of time and money.

One great thing you can do is to make a personal and strong partnership with your suppliers for your clothing business since you'll be working with them a lot.

Get their phone numbers and Skype email so you can communicate your requirements with them on a personal level. By doing so, you could also prevent dealing with scammers.

Considering Your Manufacturer’s Capability

The key to finding the right clothing maker in China is ensuring its capability to manufacture. Fortunately, most of them are time-tested.

Their capacities in manufacturing are just beyond this planet. So just to be certain and to guarantee that you get the correct supplier for your product requirements, you have to do thorough research.

Avoid purchasing designer items at outrageously cheap prices from China because they would be fake goods more often than not.

If you're expecting to purchase a very affordable original wide leg pants in China, the best thing you can get is a knockoff or a fake item. So, China isn't the place to look if you're looking for cheap original designer clothing.

You can get a lot of unique, good quality clothing items in China, though. Because of its cheap cost of manufacturing, China is the number one go-to location for low-cost wholesale clothing.

Steps to Importing Wholesale Wide Leg Pants from China 

Most designers and importers come to China to source their products. If you want to make more profit by importing wide leg pants from China, then read on. Here are some of the most significant measures to guarantee a smooth import experience.

Research The Import Laws And Regulations In Your Country

One of the first things that you need to do is to understand what your country's law says about clothing importation. Several countries usually ban clothing products from being imported, and doing so may result in customs officers confiscating your products.

If you want to clear them, you should have a hold on the customs duties and import taxes that you need to pay for your products.

You should also find out which licenses and permits to acquire to allow you to import clothing from China.

Find Out Prices And Minimum Order Quantity

To find out the different rates of wide-leg pants each seller offers, you should do intensive research. Chinese prices differ, and you'd be amazed to find out that a product that sells for twenty bucks in one location could be as small as five bucks in another.

But you need to be careful, so you don't end up with products of poor quality. Another thing is to look for each supplier's minimum order quantity (MOQ) to make sure you can afford it.

As a first-timer, committing to just one provider is not wise. You may want to distribute your cash so you can purchase from 2-3 suppliers and you can commit to one if you are satisfied with the product of that supplier.

It would be wise to ask for samples before you go ahead to purchase from a supplier so you can gauge the quality of their products. Chinese sizes are generally tinier than the sizes of the US and UK, and clothing products purchased from China are not true to size at times.

By looking at the pictures, it's also hard to assess a cloth. Sometimes it would be completely different from the product that was displayed in the pictures. To prevent this, it would be wiser to obtain samples from the supplier before moving forward to purchase in wholesale amount.

Shipping Wide Leg Pants from China

Some providers are offering free shipping alternatives while others are not. Choosing a supplier that provides free shipping so you can reduce expenses would be wiser and beneficial.

Drop shipping enables you to save a lot of overhead costs like storage, shipping, sorting and even expenses for employees.

You would only have to worry about marketing and advertising your products when you use drop shipping facilities and once you have an order, the supplier will send the products straight to the customer.

In order to maintain your products when they arrive, you might want to consider renting a warehouse or storage.

Protect yourself

It would be smart for you to seek legal help if you were to invest a lot of money in this business. In order to protect your investment, your lawyer would be able to draft contracts and agreements that you and your supplier would jointly sign.

It's a risky business to import from China and you never know what you can get. There are risks of scamming, risks of impounding your goods and a number of other events, but you can defend yourself from this by acquiring insurance cover to protect your company.


If you want to start your own retail business and want to import clothing like wide-leg pants from China, take note of the tips mentioned above.

Call the wholesaler that exports and imports clothing and discuss what type of packages they have for importers. 

Check your country's import laws and regulations. Check with your own embassy to see what regulations they have when it comes to importing clothing from China.

Establish an agreement with the Chinese supplier and ensure that a lawyer looks at it before any importation takes place. Once the embassy is all good and the fine print is noted, choose the clothes you want for your shop and begin importing.

Create a deal with the supplier that you want your clothing items to be shipped every month at a specific date and time, so you'll have more clothing available for your retail customers.

Should you need further assistance in importing wide-leg pants and finding the right suppliers, we at Lazpanda will be glad to help. Our extensive list of suppliers directory and our years of experience guarantees a hassle-free and stress-free importing experience for you. 

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