How to Import Knit Pants from China

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If you've been a knit pants company or salesman looking for ways to import inexpensive clothing from China, scroll down for helpful advice below.

For every person living on Earth, clothing is a requirement. The world market demand for garments, whether casual or party-wear, has seen a graph growing linearly every day.

Knit pants are one of the most trendy clothing sold today on the market. This type of trousers is produced of stronger knitwear than standard leggings to give the wearer true protection and a smooth silhouette.

Usually, normal pants are made of woven fabric with minimal stretchability. Woven fabric is produced through the use of power looms whereas knitted pants are generally produced of single Jersey fabric knitted.

Jersey fabric is usually only used with greater GSM in tee shirts. Knitted pants can be casually worn in combination with a tee, polos, or casual shirt. Knitted pants are easier and more comfortable to care for. It does not require difficult ironing as it only needs light steam and you're all set to go!

Why Import Knit Pants from China?

China has always been a manufacturing hub with unimaginable market growth. The "Made in China" tag has reached nearly every country in the globe, and Chinese products have conquered overseas markets. Indeed, China is one of the world's top importers in a number of sectors.

The low cost given for good quality is one of the main reasons for importing trendy wholesale clothing from China. Chinese's hourly wages are inexpensive, manufacturing costs are small, and it is more convenient to access the necessary material.

Because they have a strong ability for manufacturing, their design and technological abilities are one of the biggest reasons for their influence on the worldwide economies As a result, China has more sophisticated and structured manufacturing lines than many other Western nations, the Chinese are taught to excel in mass manufacturing.

So, if you're thinking about importing garments like Knit Pants from China and reselling them to make lucrative sales in your home country, well, you're right on track!

How to Import Clothing from China?

If you wanted to import knit pants from China but don't know how to import them for resale, here's a step-by-step guide that explains the information to clear all your doubts about how to import garments from China.

Importing knit pants from China involves many pros and cons. Make sure you read the list below to have a reliable deal when dealing with suppliers based in China.

1)Educate Yourself With Your Country's Import Regulations

Imported clothes are prohibited in some nations, and your order may be seized at the point of shipping, and you may experience horrible losses. We recommend you know closely the legislation and regulations of your home country in this respect.

2) Be Informed Of The Taxes You Will Have To Pay

It is apparent that you must pay duties and taxes if you import products from a nation. You need to understand how much tax you need to pay to get your order cleared from the customs.

Keep in mind when budgeting for your purchase the prospective tax quantity.

3) Get a permit to import clothing

A license is your residency authentication and the legalization of your company. Before you place your bulk order for import, getting a license is a key step.

This license will provide you with an Importer Exporter (IE) and Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) code for legalized import without much customs officer interference. If you find your order suspicious, your order may not be processed further without a valid license.

Finding Knit Pants Manufacturers in China

China is the top exporter and manufacturer of clothing such as knit pants in the world. Chinese-made clothes are cheaper and of excellent quality. If you plan to import high-quality knit pants from China, it is suggested to use or as your online B2B platform.

Here are the main steps that will get you closer to finding a qualified Knit Pants Manufacturers in China.

Find and Research Your Supplier

There are the top three ways to go about finding a supplier in China. Choose whichever works best with your situation:

Option #1: Purchase from Chinese Wholesale Sites

Find manufacturers on credible websites such as Chinabrands, Made-in-China, Alibaba or Global Sources. These online marketplaces usually offer worldwide shipping. Select and contact a reputable supplier on these sites. You can ask for your quote and negotiate to fit in with your budget.

However, wholesale sites frequently offer limited MOQs (Minimum Order Quantity) compared to factories. You can buy wholesale anywhere and anytime which means you'll be able to save time and energy. The downside though since it's online is that you can't check the quality of the item on your own.

Option #2: Visit Trade Shows and Factories

Traveling to China is a great way to find new products. You may get a better price when you visit apparel trade shows or pay the knit pants manufacturer a visit.

The Chinese trade shows usually take place in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangdong, and Zhejiang.

Option #3: Find Wholesale Companies form Directory Websites

Look for wholesale businesses on the directory page if you want to have a lot of product choices. However, if you don't speak Chinese, directly contacting the manufacturers on your own can be a problem since most of them are not English speakers.

If you need higher MOQ orders, this is an excellent option.

Overall, there are many manufacturers and suppliers of clothing or knit pants in China. It would be best if you checked the supplier to save yourself from hoax cash hoarders before placing your order. Contact them and ask for more information.

To be on the safer side, try to visit Chinese markets or the manufacturer's office or attend trade shows. You can always create an online agreement if a personal visit seems impossible.

Figure Out Your Minimum Order Quantity

First of all, you should set up your own inventory management MOQ. Many manufacturers often require a minimum quantity order of 500-1000 items or even more at a time, although their price may look lower, it should be noted that if your inventory can quickly sell out.

Keep in mind the rates and the amount of minimum order, also consider the drop shipping facility supplied by online portals. Visit China if possible and attend some fairs and trade shows.

Check the necessary minimum order amount (MOQ), shipping fees and the availability of drop shipment

You can shortlist suppliers based on MOQ as the amount of your order may not match the MOQ of the supplier. If you fulfil their MOQ requirements, few websites give free shipping. You may end up paying more shipping charges if you fail to this.

Compare shipping fees with MOQ and MOQ without distinguishable suppliers. The best way to check for the best manufacturers or suppliers on online portals is if they are offering drop shipping service if you don't want to store the order.

Things To Consider When Importing Knit Pants From China


Now that you know how to get started in importing knit pants, here are some noteworthy tips that will help you import wisely and prevent any troubles.

Always ask for samples

You must ask the supplier for sample products before finalizing the deal if you are worried about the quality, and to prevent the fuss of re-sending the order after getting low-quality clothing.

Make an agreement only after the sample item has been approved and filter your suppliers based on the quality of the sample parts provided.

Find the best method of shipping

If it is cheaper than the shipping of the supplier, you can use third-party shipping. Compare the rates of shipping before placing the order. Hire a freight forwarder to update you from point-to-point shipping with the information of your order.

To ensure the smooth operation of your order from custom point to door delivery, select the right freight partner. This will help you pay lower customs tax as well. Don't spend on shipping too much. Execute a good calculation of your costs.

Customs requirement

Keep in mind the customs clearing fee which involves handling fees, customs duties, transportation fees and much more. To assist clear your batch, you can get in touch with a customs officer.

More Tips to Import High-Quality Knit Pants from China

Always go for licensed and verified suppliers as some suppliers may not meet the production standards. Ask your knit pants' supplier for standard clothing quality, stitching, and fabric.

Here are additional tips to qualify knit pants manufacturers from China:


  • You can ask your supplier should you have some particular fabric in mind.
  • Do not make 100% payment at once; always keep some amount as balance.
  • Do not immediately agree to the seller's quoted rates. Negotiate always, and you may land a better deal!
  • Before submitting your final quote, read the quotations well and clear any queries you may have. Check closely the list of orders.
  • Keep the invoice and payment information confidential and secured.
  • Choose the designs, dimensions, colors, and patterns in advance. Once your order specifications and requirements are met will you place your order.
  • Inspect the details of the supplier and the product quality before placing the order.


After placing your order with the taxes and delivery in mind, it is suggested that you hire a reputable agent that will assist you in monitoring your order from moment to time.

The sourcing agent can also take care of the order and guarantee that your order is processed safely. We at Lazpanda will be glad to assist you during this process. Our years of sourcing experience will provide you with a stress-free importing experience.

Importing always involves a risky process. Buying insurance will always safeguard you against damage and other risk factors that may affect your company.

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