How to import custom patches from China

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Creating and selling custom patches is one business that you have to consider if you want to earn some extra cash on the side. Here are some tips to start importing custom patches from China.

Many budding entrepreneurs are looking for potential sources of revenue and something they can do on the side that will allow them to earn some extra cash. Setting up a business that has a secure market is a great way to earn money. Creating and selling custom patches is one business that you have to consider.

It's fairly easy to sell custom patches. If you're planning to earn some doe from selling custom patches, you need to begin treating it as a legit business.

The market's demand for custom patches continues to rise together with the emergence of custom patches businesses.

The patch industry is closely connected to the wholesalers' manufacturing sector, which is a good indication. Demand from sectors such as the hospitality and administrative also played an important factor in the continuous increase of demand for the item.

When you importing from custom patches suppliers in China, the first thing you want to do is define which text, picture, or both you want to see on your patches.

Do you want to use your business logo when producing your custom patches? Or perhaps you want to add your company's tagline on the patches? Perhaps, you're going to want a stand-alone picture. Whatever you choose, the patches should provide value to your business and the appearance should be interesting and striking.

Custom Patches to Promote Your Business


For any business or organization, custom patches are an excellent advertising vehicle.

Custom patches are a brilliant strategy to promote your company, whether they are sewn, woven or embroidered. They are not only affordable, but they are art pieces that many individuals are eager to show.

By offering something distinctive and eye-catching, you can have a better opportunity to spark somebody's interest in what your company does.

What to Consider When Importing Custom Patches from China

Below are some important considerations when importing custom patches from China for your business.


  1. Your patches should be packaged nicely.

When selling a product, make sure that you package your goods nicely to attract customers to purchase your product.

Try to ensure that the patches are well-presented. Show your finest samples and display some of the most popular patches that your current clients are using if possible. This is a strong way to motivate people to purchase your patches.

  1. Never compromise your product's quality just so to cut on costs.

You may be tempted to use cheaper supplies or work with the most inexpensive yet sketchy suppliers to get custom patches to sell at a reduced cost.

If you've ever decided to use inferior materials to lessen your expenditures, make sure it doesn't put your product's quality at stake. If you risk your product's quality, you will wind up with patches that might look amateurish and sloppy. No one likes to buy sloppy-looking patches.

  1. Improve your product consistently.

When you set up a business, you can't be complacent. There are many things that might happen in a twinkle of an eye. You have to keep up with new trends when it comes to producing custom patches.

You should also constantly look for new approaches to selling custom patches and consider modern methods of creating and designing better patches. Products are evolving quickly and you need to be capable of adapting to your market's ever-changing demand.

  1. Learn how to broaden your market.

Search for ways to grow your business or attract new customers. Time is evolving and not only are custom patches exclusive to businesses or organizations, but they can also be used as promotional products or giveaways.

Organizations choose to use custom patches as giveaway products because they could serve as appealing nick-knacks. Compared to normal prints, they also tend to remain or last longer.

These are just a few things to consider if you're planning to make a living or generate cash from selling custom patches.

Tips for Finding Chinese Wholesale Custom Patches Suppliers

Finding the right supplier entails a lot of work. Ergo, there are no simple or straightforward methods to find reliable wholesale custom patches suppliers. To make it clearer for you, we provide you with some valuable tips:

  1. Use Google and search for custom patches supplier as you would any other item, person or company in your search term. Type the place where you want your products to be imported—like China.
  2. Popular internet marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba, Globalsource, and Aliexpress are very helpful sites as they contain a large directory of Chinese suppliers and manufacturers. You can link with worldwide online retailers, drop shippers and wholesalers of custom patches.
  1. You can also attend trade shows or fares in China featuring products in your sector so you can communicate directly with local wholesalers, which will put you at an advantage because you have the chance to develop an opinion on the quality of products first hand.
  1. Take advantage of personal and business networks in the same or comparable sector as you. You can ask them for the companies that they've worked with before.
  1. You can also opt to do direct marketing by purchasing from rival companies and reselling at a greater cost if you have the time or a salesman to assist you, but this keeps your competition at a greater edge.
  1. You will discover that customer reviews are almost always the greatest way to assess the reliability of any products sold online. You can find client feedback on a supplier's website or online marketplace profile. The quantity sold and the number of repeat orders shown on the supplier's page may also reflect the satisfaction level of the consumers.

You are also more inclined to work with a reputable custom patches supplier when you choose them wisely.



We hope that this article helped you understand what it takes to import custom patches and other products that will draw attention to your business.

Should you need assistance finding the right custom patches supplier or shipping the products to your doorstep, we at Lazpanda will be glad to help.

As one of the leading sourcing agencies in China, we ensure that we connect you with the best manufacturers and suppliers for your business’ success.

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