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It can be a minefield to buy products online, and AliExpress Chinese shop is no different. Learn the basics of AliExpress to buy great quality products at affordable prices for your business.

AliExpress, renowned for its very low rates, is a Chinese e-commerce website that has become very popular worldwide. Business owners all over the world use it as a supplier for their small businesses.

On the platform, thousands of sellers have listed their products. During the order phase, caution must be taken to select the highest quality products because various shops have different standards of products. Here are some tips for finding the item you’re searching for.

What is Aliexpress?


AliExpress is an internet retail website launched in 2010 that enables global customers to buy a range of products from wholesale vendors in China and have the products supplied based on the country’s multiple global courier providers.

The site ships products globally to more than 200 nations and areas, including highly populated countries such as India and Russia. It is the most visited e-commerce site in Russia, according to the latest figures.

The site ships products globally to more than 200 nations and areas, including highly populated nations such as India and Russia. It is the most visited e-commerce site in Russia, according to the latest figures.

It is also part of the Alibaba Group, similar to The group is a Chinese eCommerce firm that provides companies and customers around the globe with a range of retail services. It surpassed Walmart in April 2016 to become the world’s biggest distributor.

In 2010, Alibaba introduced its subdivision AliExpress. It is a business that sells primarily Chinese products online only. It works more like eBay than Amazon: it is a host platform that allows third-party firms to sell their goods. It does not sell its own products.

Why Choose AliExpress?

AliExpress is an online marketplace where you can choose to sell an enormous variety of products in your shop. Here’s why AliExpress has become a favorite for dropshipping:

1. Affordable prices for a bigger profit

Since most AliExpress suppliers are manufacturers from China, you can buy products at wholesale prices and sell them for much higher to increase your profit margin.

2. No cost in advance or concealed charges

You can begin dropshipping products right away without paying for anything. The suppliers from Aliexpress usually do not ask for any handling fee.

3. Products come with great pictures

In addition to comprehensive product descriptions, most AliExpress providers provide excellent product pictures that you can use for your website. Using the Chrome extension of Shopzie, you can rapidly transfer and edit all data.

How it Works

Here are some of the most important steps or details that you have to know if you wish to buy products from Aliexpress:

Opening an Account

First, to take advantage of the small rates, you need to sign up to be able to access the platform. You are required to provide personal data such as name, contact number, address, zip code number, and other important details when signing up.

You are prepared to go and enjoy the cheapest shopping experience after giving the information mentioned.

Searching for Products

Search for item categories listed by various suppliers. The platform provides a broad variety of products including phones, accessories, clothing, home electronics, toys for children, sports equipment and much more. Select the category and click on it to scroll down to your choice

Please ensure that you read the description of the item on the product page and also take a closer look at the pictures below the description. You can continue with the purchase once you are pleased with what you see and press the “Buy Now” button.

Confirming your Order

Please ensure that your delivery address is right on the order confirmation page and the delivery technique is also chosen correctly. 

As a tip, it is recommended to select e-packages as the shipping method, this will cost 1-2 more dollars in most cases and the package will arrive in 7-10 working days.

Payment Methods

Various payment techniques are available on the AliExpress page. Do note that AliExpress does not presently support PayPal. But you can open a PayPal-like AliPay account and provide extra customer security.

The full cost depends on the item’s price and shipping fee. In some cases, stores offer additional coupons that will be subtracted on the overview page.

The vendor has several days to meet the order once the order has been put. You will receive a complete refund if the order is not completed. It takes 1-5 days for the seller to update the tracking number in most cases.

Most products are delivered free of charge on AliExpress, but shipping takes weeks or even months, so it’s not the best choice if you need something fast. However, AliExpress can be an excellent instrument if you’re prepared to wait for your products.

Once the order has been finished (item has arrived), you have the option of marking the order as finished. Which indicates that the order on Aliexpress was a success.

How To Avoid Frauds or Scams on Aliexpress


Things don’t work as anticipated in some instances. However, it’s a relief to know that most AliExpress products have a “Buyer Protection.” 

This implies that in cases where you are not satisfied with the item in the event of a damaged shipment or missed delivery, you can get a complete refund.

Online purchasing entails intrinsic risks. Unlike shopping in a physical store, before you buy, you can’t see the product.

This removes an important portion of the purchasing process. You can not feel a product to test for quality building or inspect an electronic item to ensure that all the characteristics function as outlined above.

If you buy from a well-known brand, you can read reviews online or even go to the store to negate the issue. But you’re on your own in the case of AliExpress, where many of the cheap Chinese products aren’t accessible in shops.

You will normally make your choice based exclusively on the description and a couple of pictures. Therefore, it is essential that the site has a solid policy of customer security. 

Fortunately, Aliexpress is doing it. 

There are two significant guarantees the business provides:

1. A complete refund if your order is not received

If the item is not displayed or if it does not arrive within the time scale specified by the vendor, you can request a complete refund.

2. Where the product is not as described, a complete or partial refund

If your purchase is considerably different from what you anticipated, there are two choices for you. You can either return the item for a complete refund, or you can retain the item and obtain a partial refund.

Finding a reputable seller is the simplest way to prevent using the refund and dispute channels. If the supplier has been used by thousands of satisfied clients in the past, you are far less likely to face issues.

Looking at their history is the most evident way to verify a shop. Click the Feedback tab for a full breakdown on the website of any seller.

AliExpress provides some helpful tips to ensure that fraudulent sales are avoided. Most of them are common sense, but reiterating some of them is still prudent:

  • Probably, if the price is too good to be true. Sorry, but you won’t get an iPhone for a very cheap price. Instead, you’ll likely end up with an iPhone keyring. Check the little print.
  • Never send cash to the bank account of a seller. Do not continue if a vendor expects you to send them money directly instead of going through AliExpress. Sending cash outside AliExpress implies you will not be covered by the site under its policy of customer security.
  • Before receiving the order, do not confirm delivery. Never say you’ve got an item before it’s in your possession and you’ve inspected it carefully for issues.

Strategies On Finding Good Products On Aliexpress

Here are some of the best tips to find great products on Aliexpress. Make the most out of your shopping experience by following the strategies below:

1. Choose products that offer ePacket delivery

Try your best to select products that give ePacket shipping as it has one of the fastest delivery times along with monitoring data provided compared to other shipping techniques.

By clicking on the product page on AliExpress and selecting Shipping, you can find out if a product provides ePacket or not. With the Chrome extension of Shopzie, you can readily discover the correct products using the ePacket filter without clicking on the product page.

2. Do not always go with the cheapest product 

If you are looking for products, you may learn that there are many AliExpress suppliers offering the same item but with different rates. Don’t create an immediate decision to purchase when you discover an item at the lowest price from a supplier.

Although the products may look comparable, varying prices may imply a difference in the quality of the item.

Instead, by inspecting its star rating and reviews, you should evaluate the item. Just as how individuals on Amazon or any other online retail store would do the same, you’re looking for social evidence that the item is of excellent quality.

You should pay attention to the reviews that come with pictures to guarantee that the product actually looks the same from the supplier’s pictures as the product. 

Also, don’t forget to check the reviews that gave 4 stars or less to see if there are any problems or concerns with the product.

3. Samples must be ordered before you decide

If you are still uncertain about the quality of the product even after inspecting the reviews of the product and the feedback score of the supplier, you can always order samples from the products that you plan to sell. 

During this time, you can also test to see how long it takes for the product to arrive and see what the packaging looks like.

4. Buy from suppliers with a decent feedback rating

Another way to assess a particular supplier’s quality of the product is to verify their feedback score. The feedback score is a rating system for the supplier, not the product. A reliable supplier will have a decent feedback rating.

You can also see the number of orders received by the supplier. The more orders the supplier has, the more trustworthy he or she is, in general.

Before choosing to import goods from them, you should check how responsive your AliExpress seller is to secure your business and maintain your clients’ satisfaction.

You can check the shop’s responsiveness by sending a message to the seller and see how fast you get a reply from them. Good business partnerships often lead to a successful business.

Final Thoughts

Chinese goods have an unfair reputation for being low cost and of poor quality. However, this is not accurate. Many AliExpress’ products are well made and are available for half the cost of what you would pay for an equivalent item in Europe or North America.

If you’re a wise shopper, purchasing something off Amazon or eBay is no riskier than using Aliexpress.

There are many e-commerce sites out there, yet AliExpress offers rates and product variety that are quite difficult to match. The enhanced policy of safety and buyer protection offers greater protection for buyers worldwide. If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s time.


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