How to Find EVA Case Manufacturers in China

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Find out why EVA case is one of the best products to import from China and how to find good EVA Case manufacturers for your business.

Are you looking to import something that will help you brand your products well? Do you want to offer your customer base with a cool item that will help protect their belongings in a fashionable way? If yes, then you should start considering importing EVA cases from China for your business!

EVA stands for “Ethylene Vinyl Acetate” and usually comes in a foam form. The EVA cases manufacturing method compresses a semi-rigid shape of a foam material. Practically any semi-rigid shape you can imagine can be achieved.

EVA cases are lightweight, features zipper closures, offers choices for color as well as handles and straps for the shoulder. They protect against humidity, dirt, and heat, making them one of today’s hottest products on the market.

EVA carrying cases have a variety of uses and can be used on items such as electronic devices, medical equipment, test equipment, sales kit, inspection kit, and industrial tools

What is EVA?

The copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate is ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). It is an incredibly elastic material that can be sintered into a rubber-like porous material, yet with terrific toughness.

EVA Foam is a supple yet durable ethylene and vinyl acetate polymer widely used in flooring as well as in sports equipment, handicraft, and production design. The material is usually used to make flip-flops as it has the perfect, soft texture that is unlike that of a sponge.

Is EVA Material Toxic And Can You Recycle It?

EVA is regarded as a better alternative to PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) as it does not require plasticizers such as Phthalates and is free of BPA. However, it was discovered a few years earlier that formamide was contained in EVA foam. Formamide is used to keep the foam soft, but it is deemed cancerous and a developmental toxin.

Scrap produced during the process of foam manufacturing can also be recycled and processed as renewable EVA foam. EVA foam recycling is not only eco-friendly, but it also helps companies to regulate and decrease the cost of manufacturing.

The worldwide recycling rate of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) is usually very small at the moment. There are also very few recycling firms for EVA foam. They are disposable, readily turning into white pollution, therefore it is essential to recycle EVA foam to fix this issue.

What are EVA Cases?

Because of its highly elastic material and superb toughness, ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) is generally used to manufacture cases. By combining EVA’s super-strong feature with an accurate and cutting-edge design method, you can produce a variety of EVA cases that provide your clients with extreme durability, style, and efficiency.

You can specialize in a particular storage case. Fortunately, you wouldn’t run out of device or equipment to make cases for. Here are a few great product case ideas:

  • Zipper Case
  • Packaging & Shipping Case
  • Tool Case
  • Binoculars Case
  • Travel Case
  • Storage hard Case
  • Portable CaseProtective Case
  • Transport Case
  • Molded Cases
  • Foam Cases
  • Clamshell Cases
  • Organizers
  • Dart Case
  • Flashlight Case
  • EVA Bag
  • Custom Designed Cases
  • Collecting Bags
  • Cache Boxes 
  • Glucose Meter Case
  • Keyboard Case
  • Microphone Case
  • Nintendo Switch Case
  • Paintball Gun Case
  • Rifle Case
  • Stethoscope Case. 
  • and other products.

Top Best-selling EVA Cases

Mobile Phone EVA Case


Mobile phone cases have been one of the hottest selling product categories for the previous couple of years. Sales of accessories have also increased with the increase in smartphone use. One of these recent mobile phone accessories is the mobile phone holder or EVA cases. 

Due to the strong demand for phones and the consequent release of new phone cases into the market, it has been fairly common these days.

Nintendo Switch EVA Case

In many aspects, the Switch is incredible, but it’s not precisely the most durable product ever created. With an EVA carrying case, many Switch users want to protect their system from the risk of falls, scratches, and cracks. 

Most users are looking for a heavy-duty, ultra-strong EVA case that can help them to move in style with their Nintendo switch.


Polaroid EVA Case


Polaroid users are looking to wear their camera comfortably and easy. They don’t want to feel weighed down or anything with a bulky camera so most of them consider buying an EVA case for their Polaroid. 

An EVA carrying case also helps them prevent incidents of losing the Polaroid. Most Polaroid users are on the lookout for an efficient case that can provide protection from scratches on their camera.

Headphones EVA Case


Headphone users no longer wants to throw their headphones into their bag while commuting. They’re now looking for a reliable EVA case that will offer much-needed protection for their prized over-ear cans.

EVA Case Manufacturing Process

Because the design is usually customized, the manufacturing method of EVA cases usually needs an extended lead time. The payoff, however, is a truly unique item that will reflect your brand and present it as no plastic or sewn case can.

Here are the usual steps when manufacturing an EVA case:

  1. Sample Room
  2. 3D Drawing Design
  3. Opening a Mould
  4. Raw Materials
  5. Lamination
  6. Cutting
  7. Hot-Press Moulding
  8. Trimming
  9. Sewing
  10. Quality Inspection
  11. Packaging
  12. Shipment

It can be quite risky to design and manufacture a custom product case

To begin with, placed a sample order when your layout is ready. When you’re happy with the sample production, start formalizing the deal so the production for your cases can begin.

However, before production actually starts, it’s necessary to secure an agreement first and pay only a certain percentage of the total order value.

This is important as an agreement will indicate all of the product specifications and quality requirements. This will then limit the risk of misunderstandings as it has been clearly communicated.

The most common cause of things going wrong in manufacturing is likely misunderstandings. If something goes wrong (i.e. the wrong color or font), the process can not be reversed. 

An agreement and partial payment also make the supplier think twice about cheating the buyer on quality. It is essential that you make it very clear in the contract that the quality of the products should be checked before making the balance payment.

Complete radio silence isn’t a nice thing either. Your provider should be required to provide you with constant manufacturing status updates. This included pictures and confirmations that according to the timetable, shows that the production was moving.

Before you transfer the balance payment (generally 70% of the complete value), make sure that Quality Inspections are executed.

Because if something is incorrect with your order and you have already paid your provider in total, there is no incentive for the supplier to compensate you because they already have your full payment. By remaking the products or providing a discount, the manufacturers gain nothing.

Finding an EVA Case Manufacturer

Finding a supplier to work within China is the way you’ll probably want to go to maximize your income. Alibaba provides a manufacturer’s directory in China that produces a range of EVA cases.

To prevent a scenario where you had to buy products from multiple suppliers, your main focus should be sourcing from just one provider that produced EVA cases exclusively.

It’s important to focus on a certain set of products. In China, there are tons of companies trading with a bit of this and a bit of that. It could be risky to buy from such a supplier.

First, the supplier might decide to stop selling the item that you’re importing. Second, dealing with many different suppliers requires a great deal of effort and is time-consuming. Purchasing several products from one and the same supplier is much more effective. It also makes you more important in the supplier’s eyes.

With this in mind, you should source from one supplier that has a wide product selection and an adequate amount of registered capital. When you’ve finally chosen a supplier to work with, ask for their digital product catalogs, then lastly, select which cases you plan to import.


Importing Chinese products is a great business endeavor if you do it intelligently. This suggests, of course, that you must conduct proper research, import the correct products, and commit to the correct supplier.

If you’ve covered all of these, you’d be in a great situation to enjoy the advantages of importing EVA cases from China.

You get a truly custom case to represent your brand with the capability to laminate any material color to the outside and the capacity to sculpt shapes and logos. Only your imagination limits the possibilities! 

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