Lazpanda Sourcing Service

Looking for an established China-based product sourcing company?

We have been sourcing products for small business and amazon seller since 2015, and know how to handle all sourcing or importing stuff. See our service as below.


We help you find the best manufactories for the type of product that they have. Provide price comparisons between multiple suppliers and then get the best prices.


We inspect every manufactory we need sourcing, to make sure the certain amount and time they cost, then to determine whether or not the manufactory can handle the load.


We can manage multiple products together, keep them in our warehouse for less than 30 days, and the manage shipment to save money.


We can manage customs, logistics and international shipping procedures. Include DHL, FedEx, UPS, or other shipping methods.

How much do we charge

The service fee is based on the amount of order. Minimum order of each product is $1,000/item.

The final price we offer you includes suppliers’ price and domestic express fee. Before step 3, all sourcing service is free.

The commission starts from placing the order, and you can check the rate on the list as below.

Our warehouse is free for 30 days in Shenzhen, you can take time to choose more products shipping together, and also get lower Service Charge.

Order AmountService ChargePayment Term
less than $1,000100$100% payment when place order
$1,000-$2,00010% of order amount
$2,000-$5,0009% of order amount
$5,000-$10,0008% of order amountPayment method is negotiable
$10,000-$20,0007% of order amount
$20,000-$30,0006% of order amount
more than $30,0005% of order amount
Service Charge Calculator

Payment & Shipment

For less than $5,000 order, we only accept 100% payment when place order.

For more than $5,000 order, we accept 30% deposit when place order, and 70% balance before shipping.

Payment: We accept T/T, LC.

Shipment: Fedex, DHL, UPS, Sea transportation, Air transportation

We help our client save time

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