Why you should not import fingerlings monkey from China

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These days, I had surrounded by fingerlings monkeys, various of suppliers and retailers are talking about monkeys. When you visit youtube, Children and reviewers share their playing video everywhere.

What is fingerlings monkey? It’s a toy monkey with 6 colors, each with their own fluffy Mohawk, name (Bella, Boris, Finn, Mia, Sophie, and Zoe) and personality.

You can touch monkeys and it will give your response, fingerlings respond to sound, motion, and touch with blinking eyes, head turns, and silly monkey babble, blow them kisses and they will kiss back, hang them upside-down they will turn head around, when you hang them as baby, they will fall to sleep or make a loud noise.

So, how much are fingerlings? You cannot image, they’re super affordable, selling around $15 each.

Why Fingerlings Monkey Is So Hot

Although these adorable little robot monkey pets come out just last month, they quickly climbed up the top holiday toy lists at both Walmart and Amazon.

You might be wondering: why fingerlings are so hot?

For Children, baby monkey is very hot because it’s nurturing and interactive, imaging when you were little young, you would like to talk with your teddy bear or hold Barbie doll as own baby.

Now Fingerlings monkey can be played as a true human, children can touch them, hold them, blow them, and the baby monkey will give a fanatic response, more than 40 animations and sound effects are a different experience for Children.

For retailers, fingerlings monkey is very easy to collect with low price, especially in China, baby monkey is very easy to copy, and the cost is not high, the profit is very huge

Even though Fingerlings is popular and hot-sale, but I don’t suggest you sell it.
And here is why.

Why Should Not Import Fingerlings From China

Leo is an Amazon Seller when he found wholesaled monkeys on alibaba.com, the famous wholesaling online platform of China, he listed it on Amazon ASAP.

The manufacturer promised him will delivery monkeys in 15 days, he was very excited and prepared to earn big money. But after almost 30 days, he didn’t get any merchandises.

His clients didn’t get any products, they all requested refunds and someone gave Leo bad reviews, that made him crazy and also made his account very dangerous.

I checked some Alibaba suppliers page, they announce that will deliver monkeys in 15 days, they are using Wowwee stock photos, but carry different brand names, such as “happy monkey”.

They also ask retailers prepaying to produce order, hundreds of retailers sent their money to the scammed supplier, even some supplier got more than 100,000$ prepayment. Still, now, some retailers did not get any samples or refunds

Let’s keep watch why the suppliers cannot deliver monkey on time.

1) How Long Need To Produce Fingerlings Monkey

Baby monkey’s shell injections molding need approximately 45 days, with testing molding need two months, so the production is very urgent, lot’s of suppliers on Alibaba promise they will deliver in 15 days, that’s totally a lie, sellers like Leo didn’t think too much, so they are victims now.

Devilry time is not the biggest issue, the intellectual property is.

2) Fingerlings’ Owner Doesn’t Let Anyone Sell Their Products

Fingerlings are owned by Wowwee, a famous robotic toys manufacturer in Hong Kong, they had OEMed toys for American toy industry over 13 years, with powerful supply chain supported, they have created hundreds robotic toys for selling. Each toy will cost tens of thousand dollars to develop.

For Fingerlings monkey, they are not letting just anyone sell their baby monkeys, except for Toys R Us, Walmart, Target, GameStop, and Best Buy in the United States.

Fingerlings monkey is one of their famous toys, usually, robotic toys are very expensive, they sell Monkey with Low price strategy to make more money and get more influence. So it’s very hard to make a high profit by copying monkey toy, with Intellectual property pressure, import Fingerlings to sell is not a good business, especially to Amazon Seller.

3) The High-Copied Monkey Quality Is Not Good

As mentioned before, inject fingerlings molding need more than 45 days, because time is urgent and huge demand, the factory want to deliver order on time, so they need reduce production time and process, such as the surface treatment process, check the poor quality photo beside, it’s very terrible and may hurt children. As everyone knows, bad quality will get more bad reviews and more refunds.

4) Low Price Strategy Make The Monkey Worse

Because fingerlings monkey is very hot, wholesalers, dropshippers, retailers all want to make quick money on it, they want to earn monkey as quick as balance scooter, finger spinner etc, when they get message than can import fingerlings monkey from China, they list fingerlings monkey demo on their online platform ASAP, what a crazy world.

If you have monkeys at stock and sell in 15$, maybe you have some margin, but someone sells in 1$ online, I don’t know what they were doing. Maybe they had removed the inside and only sold with the monkey shell, it’s horrible for retails.


So, import fingerling monkey from China sell on Amazon is not a good business, unless you have approved by WowWee.

But Opportunities are only for the people who are prepared, you can still sell fingerlings monkey peripheral products. Such as Jungle Gym, store box, LED lamp or other fingerlings monkey Playset.

If you have any importing issues from China, you can contact our China sourcing agent team, or you can leave your thoughts about selling fingerlings monkey.

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